3 Tips to Enjoy Italy on a Budget

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Vacation in Italy Whether you’re in Italy to enjoy its food, history, or countryside, there’s a lot you can do here without breaking the bank. Though it’s not the most budget-friendly traveller destination, Italy has quite a few surprises up its sleeve. Travel prices can be cut if you plan in advance, keep an eye out for expenses, and follow the resourceful ideas shared here.

1. Opt Your Accommodations Away from City Centre

Most Italian cities have well-connected railway networks. Therefore, consider booking accommodation options at suburban hotels and hostels, away from pricey center centres. Travelling to and from the heart should be convenient if you pick a suburb or town that’s easily accessible by rail to the city. You can also use Europe’s efficient rail network to travel to other European destinations from Italy.

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2. Choose to Eat Smart

Many restaurants in Italy charge a coperto tax upwards of US$3 for simply being seated at the premises. To avoid paying this tax multiple times at different places, plonk yourself at one comfortable eatery for breakfast and stay until lunch, or come over for lunch and leave only after you’re done with evening snacks.

Ask for regular tap water if you don’t want to be charged extra. Also, accompaniments like bread may sometimes come with an additional price. Ask in advance to avoid paying a hefty bill later.

3. Enjoy Walking Tours

Italy has plenty to offer in terms of architecture, culture, and heritage. Make the most of this by signing up for affordable walking tours over pricey car rentals. Several hostels in the country offer daily guided walking tours that cover the high points of major tourist attractions.

Tips for saving on your Italian vacation can also include booking flights in advance to take advantage of discounts. With poroper planning, you’ll have all you need to enjoy your vacation without blowing your budget.