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Demand for High-resolution Imagery Drives Global Smallsat Market

by Admin - 11 November 2017

An increasing demand for high-resolution imagery will drive growth for the global small satellite market, which would be valued at US$4.364 billion by 2021, according to a report. GMI Research released the report that also cited other growth factors such as an increased investment in space science and more...

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POS Software and How to Choose the Right One

It would be difficult to imagine big retail stores without their barcode scanners. Just thinking about the possible line, not to mention the time you will spend in it, is enough to make people go crazy. Luckily, gone are the days when cashiers needed to punch in the cost of every product manually and put it in your shopping cart. Shopping is quick and easy now, thanks to point of sale system (POS). Simply...

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Know the Reasons You Ought to Use JavaScript Performance Testers

Performance testers allow you to gauge the efficiency and speed of networks, computers, software programs, and devices. The steps include quantitative tests that provide in-depth metrics for different system functions. Below are four main advantages of using JavaScript performance testing tools. Makes Performance a Strategy With the right tools, you can quickly identify patterns that indicate the...

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A Key to Improving Electrical Safety in the Workplace

Lockout Station

With each passing year, organisations are investing in more resources — both financial and manpower — to maintain and upgrade their electrical systems. They do this not only for improving their operational procedures, but to ensure they remain in abidance with standards as well as safeguarding everyone from dangerous electrical accidents. The sad fact, however; is that human mistakes primarily...

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Improve DMO Customer Experience for Better Promotion Results

When it comes to marketing, there are four Ps to consider, collectively known as “The Marketing Mix.” These include pricing, place, product, and promotion. While they all play significant roles in destination marketing, all the changes that this particular industry has undergone – and will continue to do so – makes one of the Ps matter more than the others. The P that matters that most Destination...

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An Insight to the Most Commonly Used Tools for PR

Public relations or PR is a form of marketing focused on maintaining a positive relationship between a company and the public to gain acceptance and approval of the business’ activities. Over the years, the field of PR has changed considerably, with numerous tools now available for PR professionals to be able to tackle the new challenges within various business landscapes. The best PR tools...

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Here’s Your Simple Guide to Buying Baseball Gear

Two centuries after its creation in Europe, baseball has evolved into one of the major sports played all over the world. That means there’s a wide variety of equipment available for lovers of the game. Here is a simple guide on how to find the ideal gear for you as you head out shopping. Create a budget The price of one item of baseball gear can differ significantly from that of another based on...

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Perfecting Products: The Importance of Prototypes

Before a product is mass-produced and distributed, designers must make sure that it does what it’s supposed to, and that their projections are accurate. They can do this by producing prototypes. According to the University of Missouri St. Louis, prototyping is the process of building a model of a system. It is an important part of the production process of every manufacturing company. For instance, IST Precision, an engineering and manufacturing company in North Carolina, produces a fully functional prototype to help plan a full-scale production. Evaluating the Design When manufacturing products...